These marathons that make me dream

8 August 2018

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As runners we all have marathons that make us dream. Who make us say “why not?” Some easier than others 😉

Below, my shortlist of the marathons of my dreams 😍

  • Marathon of Paris

We start “easy” with the marathon of “my” city, Paris! It takes place in early April, not necessarily the best time for me as I hibernate during winter 🙊.

(NB in ​​the same style we can note London, Berlin, etc.).

  • Marathon of New York

Who never dreamed one day to tread New York to the rhythm of its marathon? It takes place on the first Sunday of November. And for those interested, know that registration is not always automatic. Under certain conditions you can get it directly (eg if it’s the third times that you are blowned off, don’t lose hope!). Then there is a draw!

  • Marathon of Marathon

Well officially it’s the marathon of Athens 😆.This is THE historic marathon that connects Marathon to Athens. This is where the mythical event comes from and its distance. Legend says that Philippidès ran this distance to announce the victory of Greece. It runs in November.

  • Marathon of Petra

Jordan is in my world trip’s bucket list so why not run at the same time its marathon? It runs in September.

  • Big five marathon

Run a marathon in the middle of the savannah in a natural park surrounded by wild animals. It makes you dream, right? This one runs in June.

  • Great Wall of China’s marathon

Not only do you have to run 42km but you have to climb 5164 steps on the same amount of time !! To give you an idea of ​​the challenge, the best men arrive in a little over 3 hours whereas it is 2 hours for a “classic” marathon. It runs / climbs in May.

  • Polar circle marathon

Well in reality this one doesn’t make me dream (in winter I hibernate rather) but I thought it was a nice challenge so I add it 😉. It runs in October.

(NB there are actually several marathons in very cold conditions).


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