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Walk in Montmartre – Paris

6 December 2020

During the first end of lockdown in May, I took a little walk in Paris, enjoying the sun and seeing something other than my (residential) neighborhood. I opted for Montmartre which I had never visited! The sacré cœur It’s of course the must-see in Montmartre! The interior was closed but that did not prevent the atmosphere from being soaked up 😎 . Needed to know that its construction is fairly recent, it was completed in 1923. It was voted “public…

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Road trip in Western Australia

27 August 2020

After I sold my car in Perth I hired an SUV to do a last little road trip in Western Australia before coming back to France. For each part find the link to my post with more info and more photos of my road trip in Western Australia! Itinerary For these 12 (much too small) days of road trip, here is my itinerary: Day 1 : Perth Day 2 : Jurien bay (and the sea lions) Day 3 : Kalbarri…

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Karijini national park

21 August 2020

After Coral bay my last stop and not the least: Karijini National Park. I admit that it’s specifically for this national park that I did this road trip, I did not want to leave without having gone there! And I was not disappointed  😉 . Practical information You should know that this Karijini park cannot be discovered in summer. The region is too humid and the heavy rains make access to the gorges dangerous. Water can rise there very quickly.…

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Gascony – Shark and Coral bay

4 August 2020

After my visit to Kalbarri I continued on the road to the North in the Gascony region. Trip rather turned towards the beach and the sea 😎 . Shark bay First step in the Gascony: Shark bay! And no you are not going to be eaten by a shark here;). On the other hand there are rare species that come here like the dugong. Hamelin pool I spent the night in a campsite near Hamelin pool. This allowed me to…

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Kalbarri national park

2 August 2020

The second stop on my road trip was Kalbarri National Park in the Mid-West! Which is already almost 600km from Perth. But first, a stop at Hutt lagoon to see the pink lake 🙂 (probably more pink and impressive during less dry period). Coast side The first day I rather visited the coast of the Kalbarri region! I also took the opportunity to buy myself a fly net to protect my head during the next few days, essential during this…

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Jurien Bay – Meet the sea lions

30 July 2020

After selling my car, spent the day at Rottnest island and booked my flight back to France I rented a car for one last little tour! My first stop was Jurien Bay in the wheatbelt. I had booked a trip to go swimming with the sea lions! I just stopped to take a quick pic of the pinnacles (no time for more unfortunately). Practical informations Two companies have the right to offer these tours. I have chosen Turquoise Safari ($…

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Houlgate and the “flowered” coast

27 July 2020

During the 2019 Christmas holidays I had not really planned to leave Paris. But at the last moment I wanted to get some fresh air and see the sea! After some research for accommodation I opted for Houlgate on the “flowered” coast. Practical information The flowered coast is located in Calvados, between Cabourg and Honfleur. I opted for the hotel Castel de Siam in the city center of Houlgate with the possibility of free parking in the street. And the…

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A week-end in Troyes – FR

21 June 2020

At the end of 2019 I was looking for a French destination for a weekend. My criteria were: quickly accessible by train from Paris, not too expensive and nice, authentic city center. I chose Troyes! Practical information So I took the TER train from the Gare de l’Est. Troyes is reached in 1h30 and the round trip cost me 60E. I booked a small studio Arouet very close to the station and close to the center (102E for 3 nights).…

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Perth – Western Australia

31 May 2020

Perth was my last base in Australia. I spent a few days there to sell my car and then 3 days after my last road trip. Useful information Perth is the capital of Western Australia. It’s a big city lost all by itself on the west coast of Australia. Just like for Melbourne I had the opportunity to test few hostels, but also camps! Knowing that I rather stayed in Fremantle when I had a car (you can park for…

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Rottnest island – WA

30 April 2020

Once my car was sold (and a little budget more), my first visit was Rottnest island! I dreamed of these little quokka 😉 . Access to the island The boats that reach Rottnest Island leave from Fremantle. So I could go there on foot but know that you can book a transfer via the companies. You can also book a bike via the chosen ferry company (I took Rottnest express but they are equivalent). Do not forget to look on…

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