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Cook islands – Summary, tips and budget

16 April 2018
One foot island - Cook islands

The Cook islands, this little paradise on earth will make it dream more than one! So, if we know that “it’s not cheap”, it’s difficult to get a precise idea of the budget because there is not that much informaton on Internet… But I will bring you some concrete information with this post, exactly as I had done with Sri Lanka! Prices are indicated in NZD (local Currency). I took advantage of my Easter holidays to go to the sun.…

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Rarotonga – Cook Islands

12 April 2018
Rarotonga tortue-turtle-cook

After spending 4 days in Aitutaki I flight back to spend 3 days at Rarotonga. Luck was with me because the rain stopped on the island 😊. Presentation Rarotonga is the main island of the Cook Islands and its complete tour is about 31km. It has the same concept as Tahiti i.e. a volcanic island with mountains in the center. The capital (Avarua) is located north of the island, do not miss its market on Saturday! Accomodation I took a Airbnb…

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Aitutaki – Cook islands

8 April 2018
Lensball - Sunset - Aitutaki

For the Easter holidays, I had a vacation in paradise! It was in the Cook Islands that I landed and I started my journey by 4 days in Aitutaki, one of the most beautiful atoll in the world! Here is a little NZ’s Polynesia. Presentation Aitutaki is a Pacific atoll composed of a main island and 15 motus (including the famous Honeymoon and One foot islands). It is a volcanic island, so there is no beach anywhere on the main…

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