The Sables d’Olonne

13 June 2021

For my first holidays after the first Covid lock-down, I chose to go and rest a few days by the sea in Sables-d’Olonne!

I delayed travel publications a bit during this period but the beautiful days are coming!

  • Presentation of Sables d’Olonne

The Sables d’Olonne is located in Vendée, about 100 km south of Nantes. From Paris it’s quite convenient, there is the highway almost to the finish! For around forty euros in toll … This town is best known for the Vendée globe! World famous nautical race.

  • Useful information

  • Accomodation

I chose to stay in a small studio near the promenade. It was perfect for me, a small terrace, a kitchen so as not to always eat outside, etc. But it’s really small so I don’t necessarily recommend for two. I got it for 223E for 4 nights. Note that it was possible to park in the street for free (be careful of changing sides every two weeks!).

  • Restaurants

I had the opportunity to test several restaurants during my stay, here are my opinions 🙂

Au bout du quai

Restaurant with a nice terrace, quite quiet (not the most touristic side). The food is good but personally I was hungry when I left … And (at the time anyway) they did not take the restaurant ticket card … It’s a little fail for me!

Le Pierrot

On the more touristic side, I had the opportunity to test several restaurants. I found it very pleasant (already on the terrace on the promenade I can only agree). The food is also very good. 

Crêperie le Triskell

There for once I got my money’s worth! The crepes are really filling. The small downside is that it’s a bit too filling. But frankly for the price I say yes!

Pétales de roses

It’s not strictly speaking a restaurant but a homemade waffle / ice cream shop. I had a lot of luck because I managed to have the last waffle of the day 🙂 It must be said that they are always full and that they are even obliged to refuse customers at closing time. they don’t want to stay all night 😉

Having rented a studio I also cooked!

  • Visits

This week was above all about rest! And after a misfortune (breakdown on the highway) I had only one idea in mind: relaxation! So I did not go to visit the surroundings, I stayed to walk around and enjoy the seaside. But be aware that you can visit the salt marshes around.

  • “petite jetée” side

I found the trip very pleasant on this side! We can walk on the pier near the lighthouse. There is also a very pretty priory! You can also see the boats going in and out of the harbor!

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I did not visit it but there is also an old tower (Arundel) which notably houses a museum.

  • “promenade” side

The promenade at Sables d’Olonne is very pleasant to walk! There are several benches allowing you to rest in the sun or to take advantage of the end of the sun’s brightness.!

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All along we can see paintings representing the architecture of before and allowing to compare with now. Some old buildings are preserved. Some recent ones are done in the same spirit. Unfortunately, like much of the French coast, the architecture is marked by decades where no aesthetic regulations were in force….

  • The back streets

Behind the promenade you can stroll through the streets and discover the typical houses of the region!

A chapel is also a very pleasant place to discover, the Chapel of Good Hope. Dedicated to sailors.

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