Chumbe island – Zanzibar

17 June 2022

After staying at Kendwa, I had decided to spend a night in a little paradise: Chumbe Island! I had taken a night in Stone Town to be closer, I will tell you about it in my next post.

  • Chumbe island

It is a preserved island therefore with limited access. You can take advantage of this reserve for the day ($90) or stay overnight ($280 per night) bookable on the site Chumbe island Coral park. It is certainly a budget but I absolutely loved it! And it’s all inclusive: boat, meals, drinks, activities. During the day there were about fifteen tourists but at night we were only 3.

As a natural and protected reserve, there is no running water (a water reserve allows you to take a shower) and bottles of drinking water are provided. They are also dry toilets. And here you will not have wifi, total disconnection!! It was originally a military island (therefore prohibited entry), which is why the ecosystem has been very well preserved.

To get there, the departure is at the pier of a hotel south of Stone Town. The taxi they called me was really great! I had also booked with him to return to the airport at the end of my trip. Two small motorboats picked us up early in the morning and dropped us off at Chumbe.

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  • My bungalow

In the bungalow, you will find on the ground floor a hammock, a small bench and the bathroom/toilet area. Upstairs is the bed and a lockable trunk. Someone from the staff will come and explain everything to you and show you the trick that I hadn’t seen! The end of the bedroom opens with a view of the ocean 😍.

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  • Activity on the island

Arriving on the island, the schedule for the day is presented.

It can vary depending on the tide to best adjust the snorkeling time. You should know that there is only one snorkeling outing. I specify because many tourists were disappointed on this subject. We started with a guided tour of the island with an explanation of the local fauna and flora..

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Then we climbed to the top of the lighthouse to admire the stunning view!

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After lunch (very good buffet) with a view, we finally had our snorkeling trip (which I almost missed, they were ahead of the indicated time!). They provide the equipment and protective t-shirts (practical for my sunburn…). For people who prefer to stay at the beach it’s also possible.

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Then it was free time for everyone (people who stay the day also have a temporary bungalow). Then, day visitors take a boat back to Unguja. To know that children were there on a school outing to make them aware of the fauna and flora but also of the management of pollution. 

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  • Staying the night at Chumbe island

In the evening, after the magnificent sunset, you will have a candlelit dinner served (no outdoor light). It was really excellent and quality. Then you will be offered an outing to see the coconut crabs. Then you can sleep to the sound of the ocean, it was really a great night!

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The next day, after breakfast, I took the boat alone (the couple present was staying 2 nights) to return to Unguja where my driver was waiting to drop me off at my new hotel in Stone Town.


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