Tarangire – National Park

30 April 2022

For my safari in Tanzania, the first park I chose to visit is Tarangire National Park, located in the north of the country..

  • Introduction

Tarangire Park is famous for having a large concentration of elephants, that’s why I chose to go there! In 2021, the entrance fee was $50 per person in Peak Season. This is the first park I visited, a few hours drive from Arusha. The park is not very big but is nevertheless quite visited (therefore quite a lot of cars around the “attractions”). With hindsight, I don’t know if I would necessarily have been in this park. Although it is the only place where I saw lions feeding, elephants charging lions… I was very disappointed with the number of cars crowded!

On the other hand, I really liked the landscapes of this park which I find quite varied and wooded (it is also known for its baobabs).

Beware of the heat, it was in this park that I had the hottest!! It’s a little lower in altitude. I couldn’t stand my shoes anymore and my pants that could be converted into shorts were really welcome!

  • Lionesses feeding

Barely entered the park, the guide receives a call saying that lionesses are hunting. When we arrive at the small body of water, they are tasting their prey, a good fifteen vehicles around… Other herbivores try to approach to drink but quickly turn around! After a while elephants arrive and charge the lionesses. Not to touch them but I suppose to make them understand that the body of water is not theirs (their prey was still half in the water). After a while the cars start to drive away and the lionesses come to lie down in the shade, much closer to the car, perfect for photos!

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At the end of my visit to the park we stopped again at this body of water, the lionesses had in the meantime found a new prey to taste.

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  • Elephants

It’s true that I could see a lot of elephants in this park of Tarangire, including babies! Some were quite far, others much closer. But the advantage is that I was able to spend a lot of time observing them. Unlike the Serengeti park where it’s not the “attraction” and where you go faster when you see elephants.

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  • Other animals in Tarangire

In this park I was able to admire a certain number of herbivores: Zebras, wildebeest, gazelles, giraffes, warthogs. as well as some birds!

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  • Meals and accomodation

At noon I discovered my first “lunch box” and frankly it was very good! The fact that it was cold didn’t bother me. It was full enough not to be hungry the rest of the day. One of the samosas was a bit spicy, I told the guide it was a bit “the maximum” spicy I was able to eat. It made him laugh a lot and he asked the cook not to spice up the meals anymore. This is the advantage of the private cook, he can adapt!

In the evening we joined the Kizumba campsite which was very good. Closed dining room, hot showers, it was a small luxury! On the other hand it was very full and I had trouble sleeping with the noise of the wind.

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