Amsterdamn – city trip

30 July 2022

Before starting a complicated period at work, I decided to take a week to, among other things, take a city trip to Amsterdam that I did not know yet!

  • Transport and accomodation

Not having a very big budget (and having a voucher), I decided to go to Amsterdam by Flixbus! 15E the direct route, it beats all competition! In the end very honestly it is done well! Departure 8:20 a.m. from Paris Bercy, arrival 2:45 p.m. On the other hand, plan to drink and eat because the stops are according to the needs of the drivers (on the way back we stopped only at 10am, a little early for a McDo!).

You should know that when you arrive, you enter Sloterdijk station from the back. I took a ticket at the first machine available but it turns out that it was only a bus/metro ticket (3.2E). So I couldn’t take the train to central but the reception told me the right bus to take: the 22. Note that in the city, a tram ticket also costs 3.2E. On the way back, I took the train for 3.5E from central to Sloterdijk.

I had booked at the hostel Durty Nelly’s which offers “capsule” beds. I try to take this now when I can, it allows a little more privacy. The location is top, everything is new! The only negative point is the design of the beds, it was really not easy to get down from the top bed!

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  • Route

Day 1

After my arrival, I just wandered around the old center a bit around the hostel, beautiful!

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Day 2

My second day is devoted to museums. After a pancake stop, I head to the Moco museum (which has a Banksy collection). Quite honestly it’s quite expensive for what it is… 19.5E and I’ve already seen much more extensive museums on the theme.

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I then tried to go to the Van Gogh museum but it was full for the day! So I fell back on the Rijks museum which contains in particular “the milkmaid”. Without a plan, I had a little trouble finding my way around the museum, not having entered by the “logical” start but by the temporary exhibition (a slot must be reserved).

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I then went to eat (in the middle of the afternoon) at the Hard Rock Café, a tradition for me when I visit a city that has one! It’s not the best I’ve visited…

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Day 3

I happened to have a running session to do during my stay. I had spotted a street art spot that was quite out of the way, so I decided to run there, it was really very pleasant!

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Then I went back to the Van Gogh museum (I had taken a ticket the day before this time!).

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Then I wandered around town!

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Day 4

Return to Paris fairly early (Flixbus at 8:15 am). Arriving in Ile de France, the flying customs intercepted us. We had to get off the highway under escort (even though we had a white bus with no “mark”). They emptied all the luggage from the holds and checked our identities. And we were able to leave but it took some time, 1 hour in all!So plan for the margin if you have to take another transport afterwards.

  • Conclusion

I really liked Amsterdam, I would go back there for a run!! To know that I could not visit the Anne Frank house because you have to do it several weeks in advance…

  • Budget

For the budget, I had for 312,83E so 78,21E/day all included.

Flixbus: 29,98E
Accomodation: 88,95E
Food/drinks: 101,35E
Transport (except Flixbus) : 13,1E
Visits : 63,5
Souvenirs : 15,95E

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