From Bremer bay to Albany

11 April 2020

After leaving Bremer bay I continued on my way towards Albany!

  • Two peoples bay nature reserve

I arrived at the end of the day to camp at East bay camping ground. The setting is sublime but victim of its success is quite full! I have the impression that Australians spend several days there on vacation … Besides, this is the only spot where I have been disturbed by locals (who come to drive fast and yell …). But since there were about fifteen vehicles, I didn’t really feel in danger!

The next day I went to the other side to see little beach! This beach is really superb, one of my favorites :).

  • Albany

Just like at Esperance, it’s hard to find a free camp here. Attention, I read a lot of negative comments on a spot that would be more to the East (broken windows for example). So I took a night at 1849 which allows you to park for free! The hostel is very nice, beware however some rooms overlook a nightclub on weekends … And in addition you will have very good pancakes breakfast included! For my part, surprise, I had the same roomate as at Esperance!

It was not very sunny so I did not go there but there are a lot of birds at Seppings Birdhide Lake!

  • Frenchman bay

The sky was generally overcast that day but I still enjoyed a few clearings! First stop: Goode beach.

Then quickly to beach of the legend (at the end of a gravel road).

And finally, Salmon beach! It was not necessarily planned on my first itinerary (I don’t stop at all the beaches, they are very similar). But fate brought me to this one and I did well! It is superb and I could see wild dolphins there :). By cons do not expect to be alone, it is a fairly well known beach with a large tarmac parking. To the left of the car park you will have access to a magnificent viewpoint (I did not go down on this side).

To the right of the parking lot I took a long staircase which led to the beach to be able to observe dolphins more closely!

  • Torndirrup National Park

This part is more touristy, it must be said that everything is well tarred so easily accessible! I first made a little stop at Cable beach, well rather on the rocks which overlooks it! Besides, you can only see the sea by moving on the rocks, be careful! There were also a lot of fishermen at this spot.

I then went to see the natural formation of a bridge. You will see some signs prohibiting approaching via the rocks. Indeed it happened that tourists were caught by waves…

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