From albany to Denmark

17 April 2020

Before last step of this road trip in the South-West of Australia: the region of Denmark!

  • West cape howe

Before arriving in Denmark I made a first stop in this national park. At the beginning I had planned to stop on the first beach but the access was blocked (it was a sandy track and not a road …). So I pushed up to Shelley beach! Charmed by this lost corner I stayed there in the afternoon and at night! It is a paying campground but the collection of the ranger and he never came that night. By cons I was very happy to be in the car because there was a lot of wind!

In short the beach is huge, I did not swim too much because there were big waves (and the water was a bit cool). On the other hand, I was lucky to see a skate wandering around and doing several laps right in front of me! Memorable memories :).

  • Denmark

When I arrived in the city I first went to observe … the pelicans!

South of the city you can find Ocean beach (there is a lookout at the top). Obviously very popular for surf lessons!

  • William bay national park

This park is a little different from those seen so far, many more rocks everywhere.

First beach visited with a ray of sunshine: lights beach (well, the eastern part of the beach).

Then a little stop towards Waterfall beah and madfish bay.

Finally a very touristy spot: elephant rocks (you need to have imagination) and green pool. It’s a very pleasant walk and you can walk on the rocks between the spots, I really liked it! And despite the sky not really blue the color of the water was already superb 8-). Some bathed but the freshness got the better of me!

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