From Dunedin to Oamaru

23 December 2018
Baldwin street Dunedin NZ

After visiting the Catlins, I went to visit Dunedin, my colleague receiving me to her beautiful home! Then on the way to Mount Cook I stopped at two “penguins” spots before spending the night in Oamaru.

  • Tunnel beach

It’s really the mythical beach of Dunedin. Finally not too much beach is rather a rock 😉. After a short downhill walk (beware of the climb!) We arrive on this beautiful tunnel rock. After a small mud accident 😅 I went down on the small end of the beach (at low tide). There is a small staircase dug into the rock that leads to it but it is not necessarily very visible.

  • Baldwin street

Dunedin’s other big attraction is Baldwin Street, the world’s steepest street! It is a cul-de-sac street where only locals have the right to go by car. Well it does not prevent some people not very respectful to go! It goes up hard but there are stairs to help you and a water fountain on arrival if needed! You will see the tourists get in the middle of the street to take pictures, be careful but do not hesitate!

  • Katiki point

After leaving Dunedin, I went to Katiki point where there is a colony of yellow-eyed penguins. Despite the rain I went out to see if I could see a few. Nothing on the first way (I went to the end but beware there are sea lions sleeping in the grass!). On the other hand at the return several showed themselves. And one of them even came to the nearest beach to get back to the sea. It was really a great show! And besides among the penguins roam … rabbits!

  • Oamaru

Last June, during my weekend in Christchurch, I had already seen the little blue penguins. But by far! This time I did not go all the way. If you wait next to the “scout” building you will see them go up from the water to go to a tunnel. And surprise, the tunnel is lit! Top for photos 😉. And that’s where I really realized their size, they are really tiny. Going up in the van some of them were walking on the parking lot, going to hide under the cars. Drive really carefully!

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