First stop in Philippines : Coron!

6 January 2019
kayangan lake Coron Philippines

After a first night in Manila I took a direct flight the next morning to Coron!

  • Introduction

Coron is an island of Palawan. But the city of Coron is located on the island of Busuanga! The island of Coron is quite sparsely populated. I took a room at Happy Campers and honnestly I highly recommend it! The owner is very friendly and very helpful. The sanitary facilities are new. There is no bunk bed here. Each one is bed and its small cupboard (possibility to put a padlock) with lamp and individual electric plug. The night costs 350PHP is a little less than 6E. Upon arrival at the airport simply indicate where you are staying and you will be told the correct shuttle to take (150PHP).

PS little reminder you have 15E discount with my booking link.

  • Activities on the island

Here the best activity is the island hopping. This consists of taking a boat to reach different tourist spots during the day. Not wishing to be with mass tourism I took a private boat with Krish. If you want his details put a comment I will send you an email as soon as possible! For two days I got for 6500PHP (entry of beaches not included) by doing two tours :

– First going to kayangan lake, twin lagoon, skeleton wreck, coral garden, CYC beach, Beach 91
– Second going a bit farer to Bulog dos, Malcapuya and Banana island

The big advantage is that we can stay longer or shorter at each spot according to our desires and the crowd! In the morning the team will accompany you to the market to buy something to eat lunch and your lunch will be prepared on the boat.

  • First days

The first day the “boss” came to get me on a motorcycle. Then we had to find a boat (banka), his own being stuck by the low tide! Yes here it’s once on the spot that they care about the tide … And besides, attention access to the boat is not so simple as that. There is no pontoon or stairs. You are approaching the boat closest to the concrete ramp. If it’s yours, they manage to make the passage in the middle of the other boats. If it’s not yours then once the first boat crossed you go up on the next one and so on until your!

  • Kayangan lake

The first stop was Kayangan Lake. You arrive in a first lake, then climb to the top of the view. You need to buy an access card in advance at 300PHP.

And you go down on the other side to swim (with your lifejacket). At the time of my arrival there was hardly anyone. I hadn’t my snorkeling equipment but I think the fins are useful! Not sure there is really something to see in the water though. The water is really at ideal temperature 😉.

  • Twin lagoon

The second stop is twin lagoon. This is twin lagoon connected by a small passage under the rock. The color of the water of the second lake is really sublime! On the other hand here the temperature of the water is rather random, one can have cold and hot at the same time on different parts of the body 😂. Locate well how is called your boat because there can be easy a dozen more than when you arrived! The entry is 200PHP.

  • Coral Garden

Then I went snorkeling in the coral garden. Here the corals are still alive and some pretty colorful. It’s really beautiful to watch! Fee of 150PHP.

  • Beach 91

I had my lunch break a little earlier than the other boats. I was able to enjoy this sublime beach alone, paradise! It’s really the most beautiful beach of the day 😊.

  • Skeleton

Then I went to see the skeleton. Clearly you can skip this activity. You will be 50 around a poor piece of wreck. And if you want to approach then it will be necessary to wait. Personally I find it a little dangerous because there are not many places to go to the surface. Fee of 150PHP.

  • CYC beach

I ended the day on this beach side by side with mangroves. The beach is nice but the fact that the beach is free there are a lot of people, not just tourists!

  • Second day

A little mess because the boss did not warn me that this time I had to go to port on my own! I walked there and met a Catholic procession on the street (they are very religious). Once arrived at the port I had to wait for the tide to go up to take the 3rd boat in the queue! These islands being further there are many more boats before arriving at the first spot.

  • Bulog dos

The first stop was for this piece of island with white sand and crystal clear water. Really sublime! At the top of the small rock you will find a hammock to relax with a view! Fee of 200PHP.

  • Banana island

I was then lunched at Banana Island. You will also find toilets on this island. One side is a treasure for snorkeling, there are plenty of claims of many colors! Fee 250PHP.

  • Malcapuya

But the treasure of this day is this island! White sand, turquoise water, the dream! You will also have for sale something to refresh you. And you can stay under a sun shelter with bench and table. Fee 250 PHP.

  • Resume

I really enjoyed my stay here. I felt comfortable and did not feel like a “wallet” tourist. Too bad there are no more accessible beaches in town because it would be really the perfect place. The only small problem is to see dogs locked in small cages. The boss of the boat explained to me that stray dogs are forbidden and that from time to time the government makes “raids” to get rid of these dogs. He also assemble an association to take them before the government, sterilize and replace. In short not to let their dogs train some leave them locked all day. If they are lucky they have a large cage in the shade but some have just their place in full sun 😥.

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  • Reply AuroreVoyage Friday February 15th, 2019 at 11:07 AM

    J’ai pas vécu la même chose que toi (encore une fois). J’ai fait un Island hopping d’une journée sur un bateau de 30 personnes, l’horreur ! Il y avait du monde partout … et on aurait peut être dû choisir un autre hébergement mais on s’y est pris assez tard et on ne voulait pas mettre 20/25€. Mais du coup on était loin du centre et le logement était assez affreux ! Enfin, je me souviens quand même d’une belle journée où mon copain a plongé et je l’ai accompagné en snorkeling !
    Mais j’étais contente de partir.

    • Reply Travelandrun Saturday February 16th, 2019 at 10:08 AM

      Moi c’était une très bonne expérience aux Philippines. Et humainement la meilleure ! Mais effectivement je sais que ton expérience peut changer du tout au tout suivant où tu loges, ce que tu fais, etc. Et comme je savais que c’était extrêmement touristique c’est pour ça que j’avais prévu le bateau seule 😊

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