Siquijor, the witches island

16 January 2019
Cambu falls Siquijor Philippines

I heard a lot of good things about the island of Siquijor and especially by its quiet side tourism. In addition it is the island witches so do not be surprised not to cross too many Filipino tourists here (while they still travel quite a lot in their country). They rather fear this island.

  • Arrival on the island

From Bohol there is a daily ferry to this island. It arrives in the city of Larena. On this island I a little cracked my budget because I wanted to offer a resort! I chose Coco Grove Beach Resort. I chose the room “Sunset Villa 2” at 5800PHP at night (96E). To be honest I think a smaller room would be enough but I still very enjoyed it! While there is no view of the sea but under the palm trees it’s cool! The big plus is that the room has its own wifi, which is not the case everywhere in the resort. Some guests must go to the common areas to receive WIFI.

In any case it was really nice to watch every night this beautiful sunset. To know that even if you are not a client you can enjoy the restaurant “sunset”.

  • Motorbike visit

  • Advise

I rented a scooter directly to the hotel (500 a day) but you can also find directly at the port or the city of Siquijor a little cheaper. Of course the helmet is recommended but honestly it was way too big so not sure it would help in case of problems! Always keep your driver license with you as well as the international. Even if the rental companies do not ask you to know that in case of accident you are considered to be driving without a license which can be problematic. Provide a plastic bag to put your electronics (I did not do it and after a good shower my camera needs repair …).

You will be provided with the scooter usually empty of fuel. It will be necessary to put gasoline. To get an idea, the full is about 150PHP. I had no idea of ​​the price of the shot the table tennis player looked really weird when I asked 200😂.

  • Journey on the island

* Lugnason falls
While I started from San Juan, I first went to the Lugnason Falls. Admission is free, the parking as well. Some guides will show you the way once there. You can swim, jump and even walk up to see the smallest waterfalls above.

* Old balete tree
I then went to see this century old tree, the oldest on the island! The parking costs 5PHP and the entrance 10 (for info the toilet is also 5). At the foot of the tree you will find a pool containing fish that make fish pedicure. Honestly I did not think the tingling would be so sharp! They really bite the skin, not only dead skin! The activity is free once the entry paid.

* Cambugahay falls
These waterfalls are very famous, do not expect to be alone! Parking will cost you 10PHP but entrance is free. The color of the water is really sublime😍. And if you feel it you can jump from a rope. I personally just went to swim 😅.

* Salagdoong
After lunch I went to see this beach. It’s in a resort whose entry will cost you 50PHP. I did not quite understand if I had to pay for parking but no one asked me anything. The beach is not exceptional but the color of the water is again really superb! You have an elevation point of view also.

* Rough back
After a very heavy shower I unfortunately slipped with the motorbike. Nothing serious but it burst one tyre. So I had to call the hotel to pick me up! Well, I said it was because of the burst I had fallen and not the other way around. Maybe that’s why in the end I did not even pay my rent😉.

  • Chill at the resort

The rest of the stay I spent at the beach of the hotel. I did not want to take any extra risk and had a small elbow injury to heal before going diving at Apo Island 😉.

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  • Reply Apo island, l'île des tortues! - Travel and run Thursday February 14th, 2019 at 08:02 AM

    […] me faciliter la tâche j’avais réservé dans le même resort qu’à Siquijor. Il faut savoir que c’est compliqué de communiquer à l’avance avec les hôtels de […]

  • Reply AuroreVoyage Thursday February 14th, 2019 at 05:28 PM

    Je garde aussi un très beau souvenir de cette île. Nous étions un peu isolée avec un bungalow en bord de plage, on a eu du mal à s’en aller (bon surtout qu’on a vite la flemme aux Philippines, surtout avec les distances à parcourir !)

    • Reply Travelandrun Thursday February 14th, 2019 at 10:43 PM

      Je comprends tout à fait 😉 quand on est bien quelque part on a envie que le temps s’arrête !

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