Bohol and its chocolate hills

12 January 2019
Chocolate hills Bohol Philippines

After staying 2 days in Malapascua I joined the island of Bohol for 3 nights and specifically in Tagbilaran.

  • Arrive at Tagbilaran

I mentioned it in my last post, take the boat back since Malapascua is quite folkloric! I then took the bus to Cebu and then a taxi to “Pier 1”, boarding for Bohol. I could not take the first Ferry so I had to wait 1 hour. The crossing with Ocean Jet costs 500PHP + pier fee 25 + luggage for my big bag 50. In short there is always a reason to add a few pesos 😅.

I booked in Open Doors Haven, the disaster!! With the fatigue in addition I almost left directly. But my budget is not extensible I grin and bear it. First, no pillow (!?) And really horrible shower. I just went with my towel and my flip flops because I did not want my stuff to touch anything inside! Apart from that, the mother is very nice (my western mind has found it strange to let her mother manage everything and make her live in bad conditions like that but hey). I managed somehow to book a van for the Bohol Tour.

  • Panglao

The seaside destination here is the island of Panglao. In fact to tell you everything I originally wanted to go on Pamilacan (be careful do not go to Balicasag, it’s a tourist trap). The problem is that when I arrived it was already dark so not easy to plan an activity from the next day. And then it must be said my budget was not expandable either … So I took a jeepne (kind of mini local bus) for 25PHP towards White beach. I liked it so much!!

I had the impression of finding myself in the Paris metro 😂. On arrival there was already people. Those who waited quickly rushed to be sure to have a place. Then everyone sneaks to sit, the difficulty is that everyone has several shopping bag … I waited for everyone to go up, I calculated that it would remain a place for me and there the guy tells me “no more people”. I wanted to tell him: “If I push there, there is space!” 😅.

The beach is quite small and is lined with shop / cafe / tourist restaurants. Not really my ideal!

  • Bohol inside tour

So I had a rendezvous a little further to take a tour in the land. It cost me 1250PHP all inclusive. But know that you can take turns starting at 500 and then pay only for the activities you want to do

  • Chocolate Hills

The first stop was chocolate hills. Once there they will tell you “if you want to go to the point of view you have to pay a 900PHP motorcycle for 1h. We were all shocked and that is after we asked that they explained that in fact we had a free point of view just after by the van.This was to have a better point of view. So we all left for the other point of view! It was the rainy moment of the day but finally it was not did not last.

  • Tarsiers

The second stop was the tarsiers. I knew they were small but I did not expect so much !! Fortunately there is staff for us to show them otherwise I would not have seen at first … They are very sensitive primates who do not hesitate to commit suicide in case of fear. So absolute silence of rigor and no flash!

  • Man-Made forest

Then we stop in this artificial mahogany forest (planted by the man) in Bohol. The road is surrounded by trees is very photogenic!

  • Bamboo bridge

You can cross a traditional bamboo bridge here. A bridge to go and one to return. Attention, there is the queue for the photos!!

  • Lunch on the Loboc River

Then head for the Loboc River to have lunch during a cruise. For info the meal is 500 (it was for my part included). This is an all you can eat buffet. The cruise is very nice but like any tourist attraction that calls a hand to the wallet there is a stop with show (you can go down to dance with them).

  • The “butterfly farm”

I did not put pictures because it is actually a sordid zoo. I set foot in spite of myself (I really thought of seeing butterflies). Once I got my mistake I left as early but too late they already had my money 😥. I could see a crocodile in a mini cage with barely enough water to cover. An albino boa placed in a concrete cage open so that tourists can go take their selfi. Monkeys locked in small cages with barely a trunk to climb. And considering their behavior they were clearly in bad shape.

In short, do not go please!!

  • The church

One last stop will take you to church. I did not come in, I felt I was not in proper clothe (even if they do not ask for anything and I’m not a believer, I respect).


I think there are many other beautiful things to discover on Bohol. But do not stay in Tagbilaran because it does not matter. Know that there are also rice fields in Anda, east of the island.

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