From silo road to Adelaide

21 December 2019
Silo_Sheep hills silo art VIC Australie

After a month working in the Victoria bush, I set off again on the roads to Perth. First stop: Adelaide.

  • The silo road

On the road to Adelaide, I stopped to see the graphical silos. To energize the bush and create tourism, some silos was graphed, it’s really impressive !

I had already gone to see that of Patchewollock during a day of vacation. And of course the one in Lascelles where I worked.

I then went down the road to Rosebery, then Brim.

It was not necessarily on my direct route but I made the hook to see that of Sheep Hills (My favorite) and finally that of Rupanyup.

On the way to Adelaide I stopped to see that of Coonalpyn which I also liked.

And I took the opportunity to take some pictures of local birds ;).

  • Adelaide

  • The city

I only stayed one day because it was not necessarily my goal to spend time in town. Before arriving there the locals said to me “Adelaide it’s nice it’s a small town, people say hello”. And I could not help saying to myself “er yeah I live in Paris and I like it so good it’s not really my criterion of choice 😅”.

In short, I stayed at the YHA by renting a parking space just behind (via the hostel). It is quite central so you can have a drink or eat on foot. But I didn’t get any more hooked than that on the city, I arrived on a Monday evening, everything was deserted (see a little gloomy) in the main streets to find food…

And of course as everywhere you can find some graphs!

Adélaïde-street artAdélaïde-street art

  • Adelaide Botanical Garden

It’s my only city tour actually. I needed to rest a little and the parking being expensive I limited my trips. The greenery is very nice for a break unfortunately we hear too much the noises of the city (nothing to do with the Melbourne garden!).

Adélaïde-jardin Adélaïde-jardin

I could observe lots of birds too for my greatest happiness!

Adélaïde-oiseaux Adélaïde-oiseaux Adélaïde-oiseaux Adélaïde-oiseaux

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  • Reply Voyager en photos Sunday December 22nd, 2019 at 07:12 AM

    Je ne savais pas qu’il y avait une “route des silos” autour d’Adélaide ! Je suis tombée par hasard sur ceux de Coonalpyn où j’en ai profité pour faire un arrêt le long de la longue route depuis les Grampians. Ces oeuvres sont vraiment impressionnante et je me disais que c’était une bonne idée ! C’est cool si il y en a plein d’autres car il n’y a pas forcément grand chose dans le coin !

    • Reply Travelandrun Sunday December 22nd, 2019 at 01:15 PM

      Oui c’est vraiment impressionnant! Et pour avoir bosser dans un pub sur la route il y a quand même pas mal d’australiens qui passent ici pour cette raison! Mais c’est pas très connu des étrangers par contre

  • Reply Maïlys LD Saturday January 18th, 2020 at 05:59 PM

    C’est sympa tout ces sylos décorés, J’imagine qu’on ne peut pas apprécier toutes les villes. Je ne connais pas du tout l’Australie mais peut-être que j’irai un jour. 🙂

    • Reply Travelandrun Saturday January 18th, 2020 at 08:22 PM

      L’Australie est trop grande pour tout visiter en une fois et on a forcément des endroits qui nous touchent plus que d’autres. Et les silos oui ça m’épate! Ils sont généralement dans des petits villages assez isolés et ramènent des curieux 😉

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