NYE in Sydney!

20 July 2019
Fireworks Sydney Australie

Now that I’m back in France, I will have more time to write my articles about my stay in Australia! It was not the first time I went there (Melbourne/GOR in may and Sydney for the marathon). But this time I stayed a few months! Starting with Sydney!

  • The NY eve

  • Accomodation

To celebrate the transition in 2019, I dreamed of seeing the fireworks of Sydney. It’s a bit like the dream showed every year to French TV news. Obviously this is the case for many people, which is why accomodations are extremely expensive and quickly stormed. Many hostel apply a “minmum stay” of a few days. So I booked at Base. I know it depends on the rooms but it’s in this hostel that I spent my best “roommate” times in Australia. I booked for 5j, the minimum.

  • Cruise

To be sure to see the fireworks without waiting all day I had booked a soiree on a boat ($ 500 …), the kraken. I chose this boat because not too expensive (compared to others!), With food and drink. And especially with a sheltered outdoor space. I did well because there was a big storm that night (early around 19:30) and it rained much part of the night! One note however, it’s quite difficult to realize the spot of the boat during the evening (the cruise is only at the beginning then we stay on the same spot). My location allowed to see at the same time the bridge and the opera but the opera was a bit far.

  • The fireworks

We get to the heart of the matter! I discovered that actually there are two fireworks, one at 9pm (for children) and one at midnight! Twice as much magic 8-). After the eve I met several people disappointed that it does not last more (10 minutes) but compared to the Auckland one the year before I thought it was not that bad! But it’s sure that being cold and soaked “just” for 10 minutes I understand that it’s frustrating.

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I was able to film both fireworks without missing a thing 🙂

  • Visit of the city and surroundings

I already had a little walk during the marathon we but to save my legs I stayed close.

  • Hard Rock Café

Of course a must for me! I was past in front of the cafe during the marathon but this time I stopped to have a burger (and shopper a T-shirt …).

  • The opera

I also took the opportunity to visit the opera! It was very interesting, I did not think it had been so complicated to finish it! Indeed the project almost never succeed! I was able to quickly attend a rehearsal, the group was playing All you need is love whose beginning begins with the Marseillaise 😉 .

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  • The blue mountains

With 4 other French ladies we rented a car for the day (which cost $ 25 each). Just let you know, the most tourist site is accessible by public transport and a priori there are buses to go to other sites. Or else you can also hike from this first point where a “visitor center” is installed with the map of the surroundings.

Its name comes from the bluish halo emitted eucalyptus during heat. It was very hot that day so we could well distinguish it. It really is a must in Sydney, the landscapes are really beautiful! And if you have more time, do not hesitate to stay 2-3 days. The place is also popular for climbing, a couple has also arrived at the top of one of the cliffs during our ride. But beware, sometimes people fall or get lost so be careful! On the other hand, the hikes are not always very well indicated at the beginning (the contrast with New Zealand is striking!).

We also had a big storm!

  • Bondi beach

After a short stay in Jervis Bay that I will detail you right after, I returned to spend a night at Bondi Beach before taking the bus to Canberra. I slept at Noahs Bondi beach, ua small disaster! The room was overloaded, unable to open your suitcase. The bathroom included in the room was overloaded too and very faded. The only point is that I was able to park my rental car for free (max 2h) and that the beach is easily accessible. It was not a big sunny day and a lot of wind so the beach was not crowded but it was nice. By cons attention, $ 6 a bottle of water in the shops, it’s kind of rough!!

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