The Grampians – Victoria

30 November 2019
mt abrupt grampians VIC Australie

An other decor after the GOR, I spent 2/3 days in the Grampians, under 38 ° C :o. So only one big hike…

  • Aboriginal art

I started west of the Grampians Park when I arrived at the end of the day. With the visit of Billimina Shelter and Manja shelter. You should know that at one time their art was destroyed so unfortunately all is not well preserved … The walks are relatively easy, however, I was all alone (this is not the most popular part of the park).

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I went to sleep near a lake towards Cherrypool where I was able to observe a lot of birds!

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  • Mount Abrupt

The second day I did just that … It must be said that under 38 ° (in the shade and of course you don’t walk in the shade …) the hike was quite difficult. I had planned a bottle of water and finally a little more would have been ideal! I didn’t meet a lot of people crazy enough to do that. Which is potentially dangerous because no one to rescue me in case of problem! At this time the landscape is quite dry.

You also need to know that there is a lot of gravel road in the park so the journeys are a lot longer!

  • Short walks and lookout

The third day I did only small walks and accessed the lookout. I saw some guides push people a little way to walk quite physically when they were already dead after half an hour and personally I did not find it very professional. You have to know how to listen to your body and not push it to the extreme like that!

So I went to Boroka lookout.

Then at the “grand” canyon (the course makes a small loop).

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Before taking the road to the north and make a last stop at Gulgurn Manja Shelter.

The next morning, last waking in nature before working, and what a sunrise at the edge of a lake!!

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