Jurien Bay – Meet the sea lions

30 July 2020

After selling my car, spent the day at Rottnest island and booked my flight back to France I rented a car for one last little tour! My first stop was Jurien Bay in the wheatbelt. I had booked a trip to go swimming with the sea lions! I just stopped to take a quick pic of the pinnacles (no time for more unfortunately).

  • Useful information

Two companies have the right to offer these tours. I have chosen Turquoise Safari ($ 99 at the time). You should know that Australian sea lions are a protected species. There is a colony on a small island off Jurien Bay. You can approach by boat and go in the water but you are not allowed to go to the island. It’s the sea lions who come if they want! The outing lasts about 1h30 and all the equipment is provided. Big plus, they have a hot shower on the port for the return trip (you have to ask them for the key). They rent gopro if you don’t have one or if, like me, the recharging did not work 😯 .

  • The sea lions

Sea lions are really curious animals that come easily to humans. They particularly like to play with us (you have to swim with them otherwise their interest falls and they return to their island …). That morning 4-5 sea lions came towards us when we entered the water. They really come very close, it’s a great time to share! Unfortunately only 1 stayed longer so there were 15 tourists around him trying to always be near him. Of course by giving great blows of fins which passed very very close to him. It disappointed me a bit and I decided to get back on the boat and not bother him any more … I then got seasick, no luck! To know that there were 80% of French on the boat that day 😮 .

  • End of the day

After a good hot shower I took the road towards Geraldton to spend the night (parking near the lighthouse). Indeed in only 12 days of trip I did not have time to be slow and it’s dark at 5pm in May in the WA…

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