The Great Ocean Road (GOR) – Victoria

23 November 2019
Childers cove GOR VIC Australie

After a little administrative stop in Melbourne I took the road to the Great Ocean Road (GOR). I spent 4 days walking around quietly. I had a cloudy day, I preferred to wait until the next day to continue exploring under the sun.

  • From Torquay to Aireys inlet

Did you know that Torquay is the fiefdom of Rip Curl? You will find here a factory shop, it was my first stop to buy a new swimsuit 8-). This part of the GOR is the closest to Melbourne and other western melbourne town. It’s here that the beaches are the most frequented, especially those allowed to bathe because it is really rare! Indeed the currents are quite strong in this zone of Australia, it is generally disadvised on many beaches to bathe.

I first stopped to Bells beach (no bathing allowed).

Then Anglesea, very crowded family beach! Not easy to park …

And finally Aireys Inlet (no bathing either).

Beware, the free camps on the GOR are quite far from the beaches and few spots only. So they are full at 5pm, be forewarning! It really shortens the day but some spots are really nice and we can have a visit ;).

  • From Aireys inlet to Apollo bay

A little after Aireys inlet, you will pass under a memorial arch of the GOR.

Then in Lorne, do not miss the Teddy’s lookout. Attention it climbs hard to go depending of the road taken. I advise you to take George Street from the beginning and do not go closer via the coast if you have a vehicle with a light engine. The view is really beautiful!!

Then I took a short break in Wye, the beach is quite big and nice.

And finally I made a stop at Apollo Bay where I stayed during the half marathon run the year before. I had my habits, especially Sandy Feet Cafe, I recommend!

  • From Apollo bay to Port campbell

I started the day at Cape Otway but honestly I advise you to zap. The entrance to access the lighthouse is overpriced and you can not see anything otherwise. Well, there is a mini point of view but it is clearly not worth the detour. By cons if you have never seen koalas there are in the forest that leads. But they are in tall trees so you will need a good zoom ;).

I then made a stop at the Castle Cove’s lookout (at the edge of the road).

Then at Johanna beach.

And to the Gable track’s lookout.

The weather was not the most sunny that day I went directly to the campsite Campbell Campbell to return under the sun see the 12 Apostles. Indeed, the GOR without sun is really much less impressive!

  • From the 12 apostles to Port fairy

After managing a flat tire (a nail left in the grass at the campsite …), I went back to see the 12 apostles! I had spotted a small car park further east, I went there. It’s very nice because you can go down to the beach and realize the size of the rocks. Well it’s not the side where there is the most but it’s really nice!

Then I went of course to the tourist point of view of the 12 apostles. Ok it’s busy but it’s still worth the detour!

Then direction Loch ard gorge. Despite the big sun the weather was not at best (a lot of wind!) So not much bathing break…

Then stop at the arch and bridge of London. A priori the sunset is very beautiful here! Tell me if you test ;).

Then the spot that impressed me most about the GOR, the grotto! The light that emerges is really fantastic !!

Then two spots of views: Bay of Martyrs and Bay of Islands.

Then my favorite beach of the GOR: Childers cove, beautiful! And as it’s quite far from the main road there is absolutely nobody. Be careful, not to swim either. And just before there is Murnane bay.

Finally big disappointment: Port Fairy. I had seen photos of turquoise water but the reality was far from being so nice: lol:. So you can avoid the detour!

It was the last sunny day on the coast so I saw a lot of spot but no regret with this wind! The next day, head to Hamilton to have my wheel repaired ($ 25) before visiting the Grampians.

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