Karijini national park

21 August 2020

After Coral bay my last stop and not the least: Karijini National Park. I admit that it’s specifically for this national park that I did this road trip, I did not want to leave without having gone there! And I was not disappointed  😉 .

  • Useful information

You should know that this Karijini park cannot be discovered in summer. The region is too humid and the heavy rains make access to the gorges dangerous. Water can rise there very quickly. Before committing to it, take enough water and ideally fill up Tom Price (and a shower too that can be useful :lol:). There is nothing in the park and it takes a few days to enjoy it! A good part of the park is gravel road and in particular the part to access the famous Hamersley gorge (from memory about fifty km). So yes technically it’s accessible by van but it’s still much more comfortable and faster in a 4×4. Also expect to finish orange 😉 . This is what it looks like :

There are a few network / wifi points in Karijini but generally plan not to get anything and upload your GPS data before!

When you hike in the gorges there are usually signs on the rock to know where to go safely.

  • Hamersley gorge

This is THE Karijini Instagram spot par excellence! But beware this spot is closed to the public now because of too many injuries. Indeed with the repeated passage, the access wall has become very smooth and slippery (it’s better to try it barefoot, you hang more). And there is a very narrow passage for the feet, a bit in climbing mode. I must say that at the very end I did it by swimming (not possible before going there by water). The last part didn’t tempt me too much on foot 😳 . And as the place is no longer indicated we were only 3 in this part! (be careful in the event of a problem you may not be covered by your insurance …).

On the other hand, you can of course go to the first part of the gorge, the height difference of the stairs is reasonable (compared to the other gorges in the park).

But if you don’t feel like doing the perilous route of the last waterfall, I don’t recommend the detour because the gravel road is long. On the other hand there is a free camp not far (announced with wifi I have not tested).

  • Joffre falls, Knox gorge and Kalamina gorge

I must admit that I did not necessarily have the courage to go down in all the gorges (well especially to go up afterwards! I therefore contented myself with the lookout of Joffre falls and Knox gorge.

I unfortunately couldn’t go to Hancock gorge because the road was blocked 😥 but it looks very beautiful too!

Kalamina gorge was a great ride! The spot is at the end of the walk, an arch. But in fact it’s rather very small. Besides, when you get there you don’t notice it at first. You know you’re arrived because you don’t understand where to go to continue 😆 . I took the opportunity to cool off here (be careful, the rock is slippery in the water).

On the way back I went to Kalamina falls. Access is not that easy so very few people go there. You have to go right at the bottom of the stairs and climb the rock a bit. It was nice to be able to swim in peace!

  • Dales gorge

I then went to get a spot at the Dales gorge campsite. It’s “just” a demarcated location (with luck you will get some shade). It’s recommended to be careful not to leave any food in order not to come across a dingo, but I did not hear any. Attention very spartan campsite, there are only dry toilets. On the other hand there is a very nice reception where you can ask for information!

I went directly to bathe in Fortescue Falls (easy to access, just a long staircase) before going back to bed.

The next day I went to park in the gorges car park and I walked through it all! Starting with circular pool (be careful, there is little sun here, the water is really cold, you won’t stay there for long!). Then I hiked the gorge until I came back to Fortescue Falls.

I continued to fern pool (very nice to go and get under the waterfall).

On this last part of the road there were a lot of big bats in the trees, nice meeting!).

I came back from the top walking path (there is a path overlooking the gorge). It’s quite impressive to think that you were at the bottom some time ago!

Still a few animals crossed during these few days:) .

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