Road trip in Western Australia

27 August 2020

After I sold my car in Perth I hired an SUV to do a last little road trip in Western Australia before coming back to France.

For each part find the link to my post with more info and more photos of my road trip in Western Australia!

  • Itinerary

For these 12 (much too small) days of road trip, here is my itinerary:

Day 1 : Perth
Day 2 : Jurien bay (and the sea lions)

Day 3 : Kalbarri coast side
Day 4 : Kalbarri land side

Day 5 : Shark bay
Day 6 : Coral bay and snorkeling with manta rays

Day 7 : drive to Karijini
Day 8 : Karijini (Hamersley Gorge, Joffre falls, Knox gorge and Kalamina gorge)
Day 9 : Karijini (Dales gorge)

Day 10+11+12 morning : driving back to Perth

  • The road trip in Australia

It was my 3rd road trip in Australia so already a lot of information shared for the Victoria and the South-West. However new here: I hired a car!

  • Hiring a SUV

For lack of budget (and since I already knew that sleeping in a vehicle did not bother me) I opted for a simple SUV. By booking the vehicle a few days before I was able to get a good price at Budget. That was $402.36 for 12 days so $33.53 per day! Little fright taking it, they had to call my Australian bank (ANZ) to be sure that the amount was in my account (but that does not block it). The advantage of this rental company is that they do not charge more than the cost of the rental as a bond.

Surprised by getting the vehicle, I could lower the rear seats flat and therefore put an entire mattress! That said, I still preferred to sleep in the front seat of my Tribute (less hard). The advantage of a recent SUV is also the fuel consumption !! 2-3L less per 100km, you can feel the difference!

  • Supplying

I write a small note on this subject, although having already spoken in another post. Indeed there are more times without stores or fuel pumps in this part of Australia. And it’s quite hot there! You really need to bring a 5L water container and carefully look at the map of fuel stations. Do not forget either that one cannot take fuel with cards type Revolut / N26 in the automatic stations (for example, there is only that in Coral bay). You should also plan everything you need before entering the national parks because there is usually nothing inside!

  • Budget

This 12 day road trip was 4070 km! Or an average of 340km per day. The overall budget was $1354.98 or $112.92 / day (this would reduce to 79 without the car rental) broken down as follows :

– Rental car : $402,36
– Fuel: $356,05
– Activities: $379,58 (sea lions, manta rays and Western Australia national park pass)
– Food : $131,01
– Campground : $48,5
– Other (shower, laundry, mosquito net, etc) : $37,48

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