Rottnest island – WA

30 April 2020

Once my car was sold (and a little budget more), my first visit was Rottnest island! I dreamed of these little quokka 😉 .

  • Access to the island

The boats that reach Rottnest Island leave from Fremantle. So I could go there on foot but know that you can book a transfer via the companies. You can also book a bike via the chosen ferry company (I took Rottnest express but they are equivalent). Do not forget to look on book me in case there is a promotional offer. I didn’t take a bike but I regretted it because on foot the island is too big and the parts close to the port are too full of tourists. It must be said that I went there on a long weekend day. In addition to tourists, locals with private boats met there.

  • The quokkas

It’s clearly for them that I specially went to this island! It must be said that the quokkas are only found on Rottnest island. They are small marsupials (like kangaroos or koalas by the way). My surprise was to discover that they had a little ugly rat tail: lol:. Indeed it doesn’t appear on the lovely pictures that we see on the internet!

By cons I was very very disappointed with the attitude of tourists but not only! In fact, it’s clearly specified everywhere that feeding them is liable to a fine, but everyone does it and no one check 😥 . I saw an amazing scenes of the mom who wants to take a photo with her kid so feed the quokka. And when she had her photo, push the quokka away from the foot because now it has no interest 😳 . But if you move away a little you can find some quiet ones unpolluted by these tourist activities.

  • Beaches and lakes

Going there that for the quokkas I had not taken beachwear and I really regretted! Indeed, Rottnest island also abounds in magnificent beaches! I left towards the north of the island and I went around Lake Vincent. The lakes were unfortunately still a little dry in early May.

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  • Reply une ancre à l'ouest Wednesday May 6th, 2020 at 01:32 PM

    ça fait rêver ^^

    • Reply Travelandrun Wednesday May 6th, 2020 at 02:09 PM

      J’y retournerai bien oui 🙂

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