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29 April 2020
hostel Melbourne

Just like in Melbourne,I had the opportunity to stay in several hostels and test a few camps around! Indeed Perth was my departure city but before that I spent about 10 days there to sell my car!

  • Camps

I have stayed in two camps around Perth before staying in hostel. One in town, not too far from the airport (queen’s grove). It was fairly concrete and exposed to road noise. I stayed there for two nights, wanted to extend but once there 1 night cost the same price as the previous two nights. It’s obviously greatly at the head of the customer! You should know that families live here for the long term. The toilets are very good but there is nothing to cook.

A second in the middle of nature is more a field left available. But there are dry toilets and a small shed with fridge and electricity. The person who takes care of it is charming! It’s just south of Harrisdale. I could observe a lot of kangaroos and birds! It is possible to take a free hot shower at Coogee beach.

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  • Hostels

I was actually mostly at Fremantle but not only! It must be said that we can park for free near the arts center.

  • Fremantle hostel

It was the first hostel I went to when I arrived. Note that a room for the next night is cheaper by booking. It saves some money! This is the hostel I preferred in Freo. It’s clean, the atmosphere is pleasant, there is a breakfast. And you will have two lockers, one in the bedroom and one in the kitchen. The weakest point for me is the toilets, but I have seen much worse!

  • Old fire station backpackers (Fremantle)

This hostel is very famous. I wanted to test, but I didn’t get hooked. Certainly the setting is nice, it’s big, the atmosphere is nice. But it’s the management methods that I didn’t like. We can only pay in cash, but since there is no distributor nearby, you have to use the one from the hostel that charges. Then if it’s possible to consume alcohol inside, it’s only allowed to consume that purchased on the spot! How to get some notes from the passage of backpackers … The room was not mad and the locker is outside the room.

  • Fremantle beach backpacker

It’s the worst of the 3 of freo. It looks a bit like a squat … The location is really great, there is a bar / restaurant below that makes parties with steak fries at $ 5 (and it’s good). However, the cockroaches kept me out from the kitchens. And the wifi is very very bad (and don’t works everywhere!). The rooms are not always very busy and if people have been there for a long time you may not have a locker. In addition there are not many electrical plug. But the worst are the bathrooms. In fact from the common bathroom area you enter directly into the shower cabin (not super opaque in addition) so you can not leave your clothes dry … Besides having booked a room of 10 I found myself in a room of 16 with the beds almost pushed together. And in the middle of the afternoon, a scratcher was doing her little tattoo business…

  • Ocean beach backpacker (cottesloe)

Cottesloe is a well-known beach in Perth I wanted to spend a while there. This hostel is very well located, the beach is within walking distance. There is free parking for customers (beware it can be full at night). The hostel itself is nice but nothing more (apart from the outdoor common area). The kitchen is not really equipped, you have to pay to rent utensils. The bathrooms are in the rooms and personally quite dirty (from the users) and quickly soaked. In addition the toilet is in the bathroom, not practical for a urge to pee!

  • The shiralee (Perth)

It was at this hostel that I ended up my stay in Australia. The atmosphere is very nice and it’s not very expensive. By cons you have to walk a bit to find food and reach the center of Perth. Allow 10 minutes for the central streets. There is a petrol station not far away in case of urgent purchase. The street is very quiet, it’s nice. You can stay inside the day of departure, you just have to remove your things from the room, very practical! However there are not many bathrooms.

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