3d in Jervis Bay – New South Wales

2 August 2019
Muray's beach jervis bay NSW

After my short stay in Sydney I wanted to bask in the sun on the beautiful beaches of Jervis Bay!

  • Access from Sydney and accommodation

Concretely, even if there are buses that go nearby, it’s still not easy to get there by public transport. So I decided to rent a car (via Budget) from Sydney. Jervis Bay is about 2.5 hours from Sydney, I opted for the toll-free GPS option. I don’t know exactly if there are tolls on this highway but not being very comfortable with their toll system I preferred to not! Moreover with a car I could stop at some additional spots.

You should know that it’s a popular spot during the Australian vacation, it’s very expensive! I opted to buy a tent (which I will reuse later) and looked for a campsite nearby. Again it’s not easy, not that much place in the national parks! And even outside it’s not very cheap. $ 50 a night in Bilberry (Bomaderry). This is not a real campsite, they get autorization for a few spots only and I got a discount to agree to share the bathroom with other campers :). But the owners are lovely and you can do your laundry for free as well.

  • Kangaroo valley

The passes of the national parks being only for 48h I decided to visit Kangaroo valley the first afternoon. The place is really nice, it seems that you can see wombats at the end of the day at the free camp. I just went to the Hampden bridge where you can swim and even rent a kayak. The suspension bridge itself is really beautiful.

  • National parks at Jervis Bay

  • Jervis Bay National Park

It’s the most popular park including Hyams beach. In fact this park there I didn’t go… Yes because access to Hyams beach was closed (too full) so I continued my way to the next park!

  • Booderee National Park

Arriving at this park ($ 13 for 48h), I found that there was no access (even on foot) to Hyams beach. I went to the visitor center and they explained that the beaches of their park are just as beautiful. In reality a few years ago a lot of ad was made for Hyams beach, which explains the craze for this beach. At the expense of local people who have been “invaded” by tourists. It must be said that here are very small villages. And indeed, all over the bay, the beaches have white sand and turquoise water!

I started with Green patch. The facilities for a picnic are really good here. By cons it is the nearest beach so the most crowded…

Then I went to Muray’s beach, my favorite! It’s the most remote beach so less people 🙂 and just as beautiful!

The next day I went to Steamers beach. This beach is very standing apart, you have to walk about 45 minutes (and step for the way back). But it’s worth it !! I don’t know if it was because of the storm that was coming or the effort to go but we were max 10 at the same time!

  • Kiama

When I got back from Jervis Bay, I stopped in Kiama. There is a “blowhole” which is actually a hole in the rock. So when the sea is agitated the water goes up via this cavity and gives an impression of geyser.

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