Nullarbor : Going through the desert – SA/WA

11 January 2020
nullarbor signs Australie

Nullarbor, or my first big bush crossing. Well, except that there, in reality, there are so many people who use this road that one is never alone! I took this route after my visit to the peninsula of Eyre.

  • Useful information

Before you start on nullarbor you must prepare a minimum this journey. Indeed, apart from a few roadhouses you will not find anything. And for my part I didn’t have a network either (there is a little Telstra in some places).

Fuel is really expensive so check in advance which pumps are slightly cheaper. Plan a lot of water to avoid buying overpriced. Be careful when crossing the border for the WA, all cars are searched. Do not have fruits and vegetables for example. Do not worry, during the check say that you do not know if what you have is autorised. They will watch and you can throw away what does not go directly to the border (without fine). Avoid making big shopping for food just before!

  • Signs

The attraction here are the signs !! Coming from Eyre the first sign is quite atypical, it’s the only one whose animals are displayed in this order! But there is a whole collection of signs, I stopped at each new one! Here are a few.

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  • Animals

Unfortunately, I did not come across a camel in Nullarbor! On the other hand I crossed a cow (so surprised I did not have the reflex to make a photo). I also saw an Emu couple. And unfortunately a lot of dead kangaroos on the side of the roads: cry:. There is a particular passage where it is the slaughter. I then saw messages stating that this was an area with 1080 poison. So unfortunately it’s not just accidents.

This is the case everywhere in Australia but there really pay attention to animals while driving. And especially at nightfall! Especially if you only drive all day you will probably be a little tired and less reactive.

  • The coast

Along Nullarbor you don’t really see the coast. However there are some spots that allow you to see the ocean! These are cliffs here, it’s worth a few minutes of detour! And it’s more pleasant to take a break than on the side of the road!

There are also some curiosities by the roadhouses.

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