Esperance – WA

1 February 2020
Lucky bay Australie WA

After going through Nullarbor I arrived at Esperance. There is no free camp nearby and since it was not in high season the YHA hostel was not too expensive. This allowed me to rest a little more comfortable for two nights, to do my laundry, shopping, etc..

  • Cape le Grand National Park

I first went to the visitor center of Esperance to buy a pass to visit all the national parks of Western Australia for 1 month (with some exceptions). In 2018 it was $ 46. I was able to go to Cape Grand National Park but there was a lot of wind that day. I started with Lucky Bay and the famous kangaroos on the white sand beach and with turquoise water in the background. Unfortunately I think that some tourists feed them and this is how they become dependent.

Personally I much preferred Thistle Cove, the beach is superb and completely deserted! Tourists all go to Lucky bay 😉 .

Then I went to Hellfire bay and there I tried to help tourists who had capsized.

On the return to the national park I crossed the path of a small dragon. Attention it is often in the parks, drive slowly!!

  • West Esperance

To the West of Esperance you can make a small loop with superb beaches! The sky getting cloudy in the afternoon I did not do them all but I advise you nevertheless.

I started with West beach, the beach was almost deserted and the water so beautiful that I decided to stop for an hour to bask in the sun!

Don’t forget to stop at Chapmans point for a great view of the beach!

I then went to Blue Haven and Salmon beach.

The sky was then overcast for the end of my getaway to Fourth beach and Twilight beach (one of the most famous beaches in the area).

PS: Beware of the indication “pink lake”, this lake has not been pink for a few years. Be aware that if you want to go see Hillier Lake (the best known in Australia) you must take a plane! I did not do it because off budget … If you have the time (or a lot of luck) there may be boats that go there. But it’s far enough and it takes a lot of passengers to fill the boat.

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