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10 November 2019
wombat Wilson promontory VIC Australie

The second stop of my road trip in Victoria (after Raymond Island) was the Wilson Promontory park. I could only stay one day. And unfortunately the weather wasn’t on my side  🙁 .

  • Useful information

You can access Wilson Promontory Park for one day or several days. Be aware that campsites are usually full several days in advance in the national parks or much too expensive. The camps outside are not right next door and it takes a lot of time to get out to sleep. By cons there is a free hot shower at the information center! The entrance to the park is free and you will be given a map of the various activities. Like every park, ride slowly because wildlife is much more present. It’s not uncommon for a small dragon (reptile) to come quietly through just in front of your wheels!

  • Mount Oberon

If like me you only have time for one hike, this is this one! You have an incredible view from the top. The end is quite steep on small stairs but at the top, beautiful rocks allow you to sit quietly to admire the view 😎 .

  • Wildlife walk

At the beginning of Wilson Park there is a particularly protected area and loved by local wildlife: kangaroos, emus, wombat. I know it’s better to go there at the end of the day so I stopped at the return only.

After a few minutes of walking, still nothing on the horizon. Then I saw some kangaroos (including a young one) quietly eating. 

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Then was around a wombat not at all shy that I spent a few moments! Before seing a big male sinking into the grass.

And on the way back I saw dozens of kangaroos gathered at the same place. In short, I loved it!!

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