Australian South-West road trip (Adelaide-Perth)

23 April 2020

After working for a month in Victoria, I took my car for 2.5 weeks of road trip in South-West of Australia. From Adelaide to Perth.

For each part find the link to my post with more information and more photos of my road trip in the South-West of Australia!

  • The South Australia and the desert

Day 1 : Silos road from Lascelles to Adelaide
Day 2 : Adélaïde and its botanical garden.
Day 3 : drive up to Port Augusta
Day 4 : Est and south of Eyre peninsula (meet a dolphin!)
Day 5 : West of Eyre peninsula
Day 6 : Nullarbor
Day 7 : Nullarbor
Day 8 : end of Nullarbor

This first part is quite long, especially nullarobor! But it still allowed me to meet a dolphin, see beautiful art silo and get lost in some lost corners of South Australia. And of course to photograph the famous panels of Nullarbor!

Wirrabara silo art SA Australie whyalla dauphin Australie SA Greenly beach Australie SA nullarbor signs Australie

  • South of Western Australia

Day 9 : Esperance and Cape le grand National Park
Day 10 : West of Esperance and drive to Fitzgerald River national park
Day 11 : Fitzgerald River national park drive to bremer bay
Day 12 : Bremer bay
Day 13 : Two peoples bay + Albany
Day 14 : Frenchman bay then Shelley beach
Day 15 : Denmark then William bay national park
Day 16 : Around Maragaret River and going up
Day 17 : Rockingham and dolphin trip
Day 18 : arrival to Perth

This second part was really MY super road trip from Australia 8-). The one where we ask ourselves no questions. Where you live day by day at the sandstone of superb beaches without thinking of the future! I had no constraints on the date of arrival (even if the end was precipitated by bad weather). So I took all my time and took advantage of the beaches, the wild fauna encountered by chance. I admit that I would love to come back here, at least visit the last shortened part: lol:. Anyway I loved the South of Western Australia!

Lucky bay Australie WA West beach Australie WA

  • Road trip in Australia

I had already given a lot of info following my Road trip in the Victoria.There are still some differences and other tips that I will tell you about here. I will not go back on the choice of vehicle and recommended applications.

  • National park pass

In Western Australia, most entries to national parks are chargeable (around a dozen of dollars each). You can, however, buy a one-month pass to use almost anywhere in Western Australia. This is what I did when I arrived at Esperance. To know that some parks are watched for that!

  • Electricity, laundry, personnal needs

Unlike the Victoria, here you cannot often stop to recharge your phone and computer. You are often in the middle of nowhere! So I bought a cigarette lighter converter to recharge all of this. Of course you have to do it while driving (but you drive enough every day). Regarding the laundry, I took advantage of my stops at the hostel to use their machines but you can also find them in the cities crossed (Esperance, Albany, Denmark). Ditto for purchases of specific products.

  • Provisions

Regarding refueling, outside Nullarbor, it is relatively easy. However, and especially for Nullarbor, it’s good to check before where the petrol stations are ahead along the route. In Nullarbor the price is very expensive so also look at the prices and make yourself a fuel route to try to earn a few dollars. For food shopping it’s almost the same fight! The more populated the area, the more choices and correct prices you will have (therefore a shop break is essential at Esperance!). Indeed after Nullarbor you probably had to throw (or empty your stock before) when you cross the border of the WA.

  • Telephone / internet

In Nullarbor I did not have a network for 3 days. There are some spots where the Telstra network works (especially at the border) but my french phone didn’t work, therefore no internet! The rest of the route I had network every day but generally there is none at the camps. So remember to download your tv show when you are near a small town.

  • Budget

This 18-day road trip in South-West Australia made me travel 5,320 km in total! Or an average of around 300km per day. My overall budget was $ 1,525.94 or almost $ 85 / day. here is the detail :

Fuel : $787,79
Activities : $253
Food (included some fast-food) : $237,7
Accomodation (camp, hostel) : $221,45
Other (shower, laundry) :$26

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