Kalbarri national park

2 August 2020

The second stop on my road trip was Kalbarri National Park in the Mid-West! Which is already almost 600km from Perth. But first, a stop at Hutt lagoon to see the pink lake 🙂 (probably more pink and impressive during less dry period).

  • Coast side

The first day I rather visited the coast of the Kalbarri region! I also took the opportunity to buy myself a fly net to protect my head during the next few days, essential during this period 😛 .

  • All south

The most southerly spots are: Natural bridge; Castle Cove and Island rock. These are all great views of the ocean and formed rocks!

  • Close to Kalbarri

Closer to Kalbarri you find a superb curiosity of nature: the Mushrooms rocks! This is rock eroded in the form of a mushroom :). Obviously it is forbidden to try to get on it! First of all, it is dangerous (not easily accessible) and then it risks weakening and breaking it. But despite this there are still some to try to reach it 😳 .

  • Land side

I went to sleep in a small campsite (cheap – Murchison House Station) with animals by the water. It was very nice and a lot of parrots to admire 8-). It was at the entrance of the park near the village that I was able to buy (again) a pass for the national parks of Western Australia (they do not have one in the village).

The next day I started by going to see the must-see Kalbarri spot: Nature window! That’s truly impressive! Of course not to climb on it too.

Then the Z bend point of view and the Ross Graham :

It is a fairly arid area and there was also an impressive fire in the park.

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