From Margaret River to Perth

21 April 2020

After my stop to Denmark, I went up quickly to Perth via Margaret River. The weather was not so good and I wanted to take advantage of the best day of the week to go see the dolphins in Rockingham.

  • Hamelin Bay

First stop south of Margaret River, Hamelin bay! This beach is very well known for having a lot of rays along the beach (and transparent water). Unfortunately there was quite a bit of wind that day and the rough sea being impossible to see anything. So I have no photos to present to you! As everywhere with wildlife, do not feed them and do not try to touch them. If they come it must be on their initiative.

  • Black Diamond Lake

This lake south of Perth is really beautiful! A few rays of the sun allowed me to see its magic color! The place was mostly deserted, I just walked a bit along to enjoy this moment.

  • Rockingham

I spotted this place because you can swim there with dolphins for a reasonable price. It was good to see them and we also got to see a little baby! However I am relatively disappointed with this experience which I would not recommend. I think in the end just going to see them by boat is much better for them!

In fact, I hadn’t completely check the organisation. In New Zealand it’s rather you go in the water and if they come near you so much the better! Here we go into the water in a row and we are released into the water just when they are near (by blocking their way a little). In short nothing natural in there and besides the family with the baby went away as soon as a human returned to the water!

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