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1 November 2019
Melbourne Australie

A question often comes up for future game-goers: Which city to choose? I only know 3 major Australian cities, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. But I had no trouble knowing which one would suit me the most: Melbourne! I already wrote an article about the Underground Melbourne that suits me a lot more than the other two. By cons I do not recommend it in winter if you want a little heat  😉 .

  • Convenience

  • Where to stay?

I just wrote an article about hostels that I attended during my stays whether in the center or in St Kilda. If you have a good budget, it looks very nice to stay in notel. These are caravans put on a roof of Melbourne in the center! But $ 400 a night during the summer  🙄 

  • Where to eat?

If you know a little Australia you will know that healthy food is not the easiest to find! However, I recommend Famish’d salads on Little Collins street.

For burger, after seeing at each meal time a queue in front of Betty’s burger on Elizabeth Street I ended up tempted. The burger is really super good! By cons I have not found the fries exceptional…

To cool off with good icecream I recommend Pidapipo on Degraves street, ditto there is often the wait but it’s worth it! Moreover it’s open until 23h, rather rare!

Personally I love to put on a terrace in a small street like Degraves street, and to eat on the go take instead Center place 😀 . You can also go to Lentil as Anything,the concept is to pay the price that seems right to you.

Did you know that there is a large Greek community in Melbourne? The most famous restaurant is Gazi whose chef was a Chief Master Judge!

  • Where to hangout?

The bars street here is Chapel street and in particular the revolver! Otherwise there are quite a few bars with rooftop all over the city. I went to Union electric bar, very nice but unfortunately not seen … Another nice neighborhood is Fitzroy, rather babacool. You can also have a drink by the river, be careful it’s quite popular summer!

If you like salsa there are salsa parties organized at Ms Collins. For rock fans it’s the Heartbreaker or cherry bar that deserve to go.

  • Activities

  • Street art

In Melbourne you can of course take a tour of street art street like AC / DC lane. To know that there are not only in the CBD, you will also find in St Kilda, Fitzroy, Collingwood to name a few.

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  • Museum

There are several free museums in Melbourne. I went to visit the ACMI museum based on the image. You will find a simulation of special effects like in Matrix. During my visit there was also the movie “24h”, the concept is to take part of movies from all countries in real time. For example if it’s 2:03 pm in Melbourne you will have videos of movies where it is 2:03 pm. Ditto for 2:04 pm, 2:05 pm, etc on 24h. There are some French films in the lot it was very nice to discover.

  • Beaches

The closest to town is St Kilda. In the evening you can see the little blue penguins (do not stay too close for their well being). This is where the Luna Park theme park is.

But Melbourne’s most famous beach is Brighton! Indeed it is on this beach that it finds the famous box of beaches. And the sunset is also superb!

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  • Shopping

Side shopping I highly recommend the DFO. There is one in every Australian city, it is an outlet mall. The one in Melbourne is big enough and you will find a bit of everything. Do not hesitate to stop at Lindt take a hot chocolate, they are divine!

  • Peninsula

If you have a vehicle do not hesitate to take a little tour on the peninsula. Summer is the rendezvous of all melbourniens. I went there only very quickly. Mornington looks very nice as a little town! I also went on a short hike to Bushrangers Bay. There are kinds of small natural pools. When I went there a lot of wind so I did not go very far. It was while returning to my car that I saw my first kangaroos in the nature 😎 .

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